Baby Art Nursery

Baby Art Nursery


Baby Girl Script, Birth Record Poster, Baby Art Nursery Decor, New Baby Art Print, New Baby Gift - Blush, Teal, Peach- Qty. 1

Want all the details of your special little dude or dudette to be displayed in style? This 8x10 poster printed on white cotton card stock will fit beautifully in any 8x10 frame! (Frame NOT included)

When you are ready to place your order, purchase this listing. Please provide me with all details you would like included on the poster, as well as color preferences.
All digital proofs will be messaged by next business day. Order will be shipped out 2 days after final proof approval.

Any possible reprint charges incurred after client's final artwork approval will be at the expense of the client. Please proofread diligently before giving final approval.

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