Kristen + Brian's Sexy Lil' Wedding Fiesta


My dear friends, Kristen and Brian, are coming up on their one year anniversary in a few short days. How has the past year gone by so quickly?! These pics are soooooo good that they’re worth sharing again. FOR REAL. Plus I recently had this invitation suite photographed by the awesome Bethanne Arthur so I'm especially pumped up to show them off! 

You might not know Kristen and Brian personally, but I do and let me tell you...they are TONS of fun and truly have hearts of gold. About a month ago they welcomed a little stud muffin, baby boy into their lives. I can almost guarantee they are wishing they were back on the sandy beaches of Cancun right now. (I know I am!) Being new parents is hard work, and not exactly a walk on the beach. Who's with me? On the contrary, I'm confident they'll be planning a trip back to Mexico with their little man and showing him the ropes in no time at all. 

Ok...back to Kristen and Brian. Small and intimate is totally their jam. Which totally worked for me because these hand made invitations were a lot of work! Kristen had a vision of linen card stock layered on a linen fabric chipboard, and being the awesome friend that I am I made it happen. Ok...I outsourced the linen backings, but still.

A fellow sucker for fancy stamps, Kristen took some friends with her to dig through dusty boxes of old stamps at her local Charleston Stamps in Las Vegas. Gah! Totally worth it!! Love me a sexy stamp compilation. 

Brian hates scripty text and anything traditional. Kristen a lover of scripty text and lover of Brian, decide to met him half way. (Sorry B, you know I love script!) While you can't see the words underneath the beautiful lace wrap, it's incredibly witty and charming...totally Kristen and Brian. 

Come fly away with Kristen and Brian to vacation south of the border,
where the days are longer & the drinks are stronger.
And by the way... there will be a wedding too,
because this day wouldn’t be the same without you!

Like how perfect is that?! Totally perfect, I know! It was super important to them to have their celebration be a total reflection of their fun personalities, love for life and each other. 

And those sweet little luggage tags? Those were the save the dates. Let's get a closer look...


Oh yeah! That's what dreams are made of. The Save the Date included a small map of Cancun directing guests to their wedding website. These little white leather luggage tags weren't the easiest item to ship to guests, but that's a story for another day. 


The RSVP card asks guests to write in their favorite song so everyone could dance the night away. I just want to throw it out there that my Billy Joel song was not played, but I still love you guys. My taste in music didn't fit the hip vibe, but really enjoyed dancing my sober, pregnant butt off anyway! 

See that little 3x3 card on the bottom of the pic above? That was a fun way of asking guests to honor their dress code of whites, creams, and linens. Let me tell made for a pretty spectacular photo op. This bride had a method to her madness, and I love the intentional planning so much! 


Since the bride and groom were so ridiculously good looking I'm going to close out with a bunch of pictures of their fancy faces. 


Ok...this character. No idea who this bare butt gentleman is, but it's as if the stars aligned and the universe placed him in the perfect place at the perfect time. Thank you Mr. Thong Man for the great memories. 


These two love birds...I just love them to pieces and value their friendship more than they'll ever know! What an honor to be a part of their special day and I love that they did it THEIR WAY. Because that's what your wedding day should be all about!! 

Wedding Venue: Hyatt Zilara • Cancun, Mexico  |  Wedding Invitations: Kitty Meow: A Creative Boutique  |  Bride's Wedding Dress: Olvi's Lace from Coture Bride Las Vegas   |  Groom's Linen Suit: Suit Supply  |  Wedding Makeup: The Makeup Pros  |  Invitation Photography: Bethanne Arthur  |  Wedding Photography: Pixan Photography Mexico

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