How to provide a FANTASTIC Customer Service Experience without spending a lot of money


Let 2019 be there year we stop stressing about what we don’t have and start being grateful and focusing on what we do. And I’m really talking about customers here. Customer Service is QUEEN, and if you don’t really start loving on the customers you DO have then you’re never going to be able to keep them. Your customers have a million different choices when it comes to choosing where they spend their hard earned money. Give them a reason to choose YOU over and over again. 

Remember that once you cross a project off your list with pure satisfaction the customer service experience doesn’t end there. Communicate, communicate, communicate!

Here’s how...

1. Follow up and see how much they loved their order - email

2. Send love notes of gratitude - email or snail mail.

3. Wish them a happy holiday- snail mail.

4. Wow them by remembering their birthday - another great opportunity for snail mail!  

5. Check in time after time to let them know you’re still around - Email list

I hear you over there...thinking to yourself, “uhhhh that sounds like a lot of freaking work! How the heck do I do this for EVERY customer?!” don’t. If you’re a one woman band you simply can’t do ALL these things with every single customer. If you’re in the early stages of your business you absolutely can. Even if you have a million customers you still can easily do these things with some systems in place. Don’t underestimated the power of a handwritten note, friends. This small gesture goes a longgggg way!

And I’m going to help you keep track of it all with my Customer 101 Hack-sheet. A top notch customer service experience is about building relationships and the Hack-Sheet helps you organize it all. 

Remember, this is an investment of time and efforts and you likely want to use this method on customers who spend a certain amount of money with you each year. Otherwise you’ll drive yourself insane! Don’t customers who purchase a single $5 card still get some Kitty Meow love too...just not the royal treatment right off the bat. 

Love on your customers and I promise they’ll love you back. Word of mouth and positive referrals can be the best advertising, and best of all it’s free. 

Check back to hear how I automate this process, and totally break it down for you to make life eazy-breezy for this part of your business!.

Let me know how the hack sheet works for you, or doesn’t, in the comments below.