Freebie Friday - Great Woman Sign Printable


It’s Friday and it sounds like a beautiful day for a freebie, no?! YES! I’ve been listening to the book “Work Party” by the lovely Jaclyn Johnson. It’s GOOD…like really good. She said something in the book that really resonated with me, and if you’re a lady who’s fakin’ it until she makes it then it will totally resonate with you too!

“Behind every great woman is another great woman.”

Epic right?! Yes, behind MOST great men is a great woman…or another great guy…but how much more impactful is it to think that we should all be supporting each other as women instead? I’m not a feminist. I simply believe that life is HARD, and we can’t go it alone. We need love. We need support. We need less shaming, and less judgement. YES…this is coming from the biggest Judge Judy I know…myself. Being a mom and small business owner has really humbled me.

Hopefully you agree and these words resonate from deep in your soul too.

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