Incorporating Yourself & Sweet Details in Your Stationery

Since I'm on the topic of Kitty Meow core values lately I thought it would be beneficial to hash out one of my favorite ones..."Design with Personality."

Yes, I try to create designs that fit MY personality, but that's not really what I'm getting at here. Most of my work is custom so I truly try to design with YOUR personality in mind. Sometimes I know my clients in real life but most of the time I'm “meeting” clients for the first time. I really try to get to know them so that it reflects in the design work I do for them.

For example, when you come to me for your wedding invitations I usually try to encourage the couple to let who they are in "real life" reflect in their invitation. If you're a fancy is the time to get REALLY fancy. Fancy doesn't have to mean boring and stuffy though. If you like to have fun let that shine through in your invitations. 

I have a KittyMeow bride who is planning a destination wedding. Her and the groom are laid back, silly, and truly wanted their wedding to be about everyone in attendance, not just about them. If it's not your personality to want to be the center of attention, then that doesn't need to change simply because you found the person you want to spend the rest of your life. You can still celebrate without feeling like you sold your soul to the wedding devil. 

Below is some really clever wording THEY came up for their wedding invitation. Totally fun. Totally them. Perfect for their "toes in the sand" wedding ceremony and reception. 

Come fly away to a vacation south of the border, where the days are long and the drinks are stronger. And by the way, there will be a wedding too. Because this wedding wouldn't be the same without you! 

Come fly away to a vacation south of the border, where the days are long and the drinks are stronger. And by the way, there will be a wedding too. Because this wedding wouldn't be the same without you! 

I think it's extremely important to include fun details in your stationery. Because if you're purchasing custom stationery it seems like a given! If these little details didn't matter to you then you would be spending your hard earned money somewhere else. 

Some examples of this are…

• Include a theme that truly speaks to you or the guest of honor. I was designing some baby shower invites for a client recently. She knew her sister, the mama to be, would totally get her vision but was worried the rest of the guests wouldn't quite understand. You know what I told her? Who cares! This event is about celebrating your sister and her growing family. It's NOT about appealing to the masses.

• On the backs of my “fun” invitations I include a spot that says… “made with love for “insert guest of honor’s name here”

Then I try to make sure my KittyMeow logo is designed to match the invitation. I don't always slap it on there. As I mentioned last week, this doesn't apply to wedding invitations. Logo free zone! Or if it's a sophisticated, adult type party I leave it off as well. Either way the backs of my invitations are designed nicely. Never blank. That's boring.


• The printing of the envelope is almost as exciting as the invitation. It's the first thing people see so you really want to WOW them! Sometimes I like to pull in an image from the invite, include a “special delivery for" line, or even song lyrics. Jingle bells on an envelope for a holiday card anyone? Who wouldn't be excited to open an envelope with that on it?!


Going along with addressing the envelope...add some personality there too. Yes, follow formal etiquette for wedding invitations but then switch it up for a more casual affair. If you're sending out invitations for your son’s birthday consider addressing the envelopes to Grandma and Grandpa, Auntie and Uncle, etc. Funny nicknames are always a win!  

Need a way to keep your guests' names and addresses organized? Download my free party planning spread sheet! It's a Google doc so you can edit on the fly and is super awesome. Maybe I'm bias. (wink. wink.)

Party Planning 101 Spreadsheet

Yes! I want to get my party organized the Kitty Meow way.

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Speaking of etiquette rules...

There are so many etiquette rules out there...modern, traditional, rules that sometimes contradict each other. I always encourage my customers to throw those rules out the window and do what works for them and their family. Don't want to include an RSVP card and envelope with your wedding invite but would rather list a wedding website where people RSVP? Sweet! You rock on trying to save the planet one piece of paper at the time! Thinking you want to go all out and with an inner & outer envelope, envelope liner, and vellum overlay insert? I got you girl! You know I'll never judge a fellow paper obsessed sister.

My point is, is that there isn't a right way or a wrong way...there's only YOUR way. My job as your personal stationery designer is to lead you in the direction that's best for YOU. It's not to bombard you with my own personal opinions. Will I politely bring to your attention something I might think is a huge stationery/etiquette faux pas? Uhhhh you bet your booty I will. However, what you choose to do is up to you. Judgement free Kitty Meow zone.

Next week I'll go over some common etiquette rules and give you my two cents on them. Do you have any etiquette questions you want me to cover? I'm all ears! Would also love to hear some fun ways you incorporate your personality into your event planning. 

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