Kitten Meow's Holiday Photo Sesh


Happy New Year, world!! Mommy and me have been so busy over the holidays with the move from CA to WA and LIFE. We are determined to kick of 2017 on the right foot, though!

Before we made the move Mommy was frantically looking for photographers to take my first ever holiday photos. She was finding that lots of them were already booked for the holiday. Boo. Thanks to the wonders of Instagram and hashtags she came across a FANTASTICAL natural light photographer in the Seattle area. Courtney Matteson of Courtney Matteson Photography was definitely right up our alley. She's a hip mommy (like my Mommy) to two little girls a little older than me, and has a style and technique that's totally our jam. The whole family, including Chowdy, was really excited to get our pictures taken. You only experience your first Christmas once, right?! Right!

We really wanted to embrace the Pacific Northwest and Mommy really wanted to take advantage of the beautiful scenery all around us. Courtney agreed to meet us at the Enchanted Winds Christmas Tree Farm for our family photo session. We all tried to color coordinate without being TOO matchy matchy. Mommy wanted to incorporate neutrals, with some pops of red, with a little bit of glam. 

Daddy got his sweater and collar shirt from J. Crew. Mommy's burgundy tulle skirt and long sleeved, lace shirt are from Morning Lavender. Chowder got a new collar from RHC Pets on Etsy and a new sweater from Amazon. Mommy got my cream and black plaid dress from Ralph Lauren Baby. My black and gold glitter tights are Cat & Jack from Target, and the gold glitter bow is from Lilly Belle Market. The baby red bottom moccasins, "starter Loubous", are from Red Baby Love. I love that Mommy is sharing her love of shoes and accessories with me at an early age! 

The photoshoot with Courtney was a huge success! We got the perfect amount of sun and the beautiful trees provided the perfect backdrop. We did get caught in a hail storm at the very end, but Daddy safely rushed me to the car right away! Luckily the hail didn't come until it was a wrap. 

Hope you enjoy our family photos below. Until next week, friends. 

- Kitten Meow, over and out!