#TuesdayTips: A Color Story and Why I LOVE

I'm totally an early bird. There are many morning I wake up super early and start a scrolling frenzy on my phone. I'm not bragging. It's kind of a problem. Just ask my husband who has to shield off my bright phone screen from his sleepy eyes. I told myself if I was being productive THEN it was justified. 


Sometimes I use stock imagery flat lays to display my stationery designs. (Kate Maxx I heart you!) Lately, I've been trying to take my own photos to switch it up. With the help of my in house, partner in Kitty Meow crime I've had the woman-power to actually take the photos and not just put it on my to do list and forget about it. Up until recently I was taking pics with my phone, uploading them onto my computer, and editing them with good ol' Photoshop. Don't get me wrong. I LOVE Photoshop and use it religiously for most of my designs. However, it's one extra step up of importing the photos to my computer. There had to be a better way...

The other week I was chatting with a photographer friend about some tips to up my photography game. She shared with me one of her favorite apps for editing photos on her phone was Snapseed. I laid in bed that morning and started photo editing my heart out! My early morning iPhone obsession was now OFFICIALLY productive!

Just this morning I could't sleep because the baby kept waking up. I was wide awake and decided to do a little photo editing. I was "researching" on Pinterest, trying to find an app that would easily make a quick video using images I have saved in my phone. While I didn't find the solution to that problem I DID find another cool photo app called A Color Story

Whether you are a creative person looking to jazz up pictures for your brand or someone who simply loves photos, I promise this app is going to change your life! There are so many neat features on the A Color Story app. You can twist, turn, lighten, brighten, you name it! What I especially love about A Color Story over Snapseed is the beautiful interface. I'm a sucker for good design obviously! Plus, you can save your editing settings in A Color Story so you can quickly apply the same changes to any photo you pull into the app. Winning! 

Check out the before and after pictures below. Crazy, huh?! 

Before - meh...

The original picture with no edits. Taken on my iPhone 6S. 

The original picture with no edits. Taken on my iPhone 6S. 

After - Bam!

The EXACT same picture after a couple quick A Color Story edits. True Story! 

The EXACT same picture after a couple quick A Color Story edits. True Story! 

Would love to see some of your before and after pics on photos you edited. Do you know of ANOTHER really awesome photo app? Seriously, I want to hear all about it.

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