Crib Talk - It Takes a Village


I’m sure you’re all super excited to see the big reveal of my unicorn birthday invitation,’s going to have to wait until next week. I want to be polite and make sure all my family gets them in the mail before sharing with all of you. Mommy went all out and I can’t wait to show you!

This week I want to tell you all about my new nanny. I’ll refer to her lovingly as Ms. A. It’s officially been one month since Ms. A came into our lives and it’s been life changing! Mommy spent a lot of months going back and forth on whether she needed help and struggled with TONS of “Mom Guilt.” The business is growing and so am I, and Mommy can’t do “all the things” on her own anymore. Having help just one day a week, where Mommy could work all day, go to a doctor’s appointment, or simply run errands in peace (because I STRONGLY dislike being in my carseat!) sounded pretty magical. Deep down, Mommy knew I wasn’t getting the attention I needed. I spend lots of days rummaging through the drawers in her office, pulling out paper and getting my sticky hands into the stamp drawer. Those stamps are so yummy! Not sure why she pulls me away EVERY time.

Me playing nicely...NOT getting in the stamp drawer...yet. 

Me playing nicely...NOT getting in the stamp drawer...yet. 

Anyway, Ms. A is from the Netherlands and has 3 high school aged kids who are busy with school. While I’m napping, she makes yummy food, sometimes Dutch recipes (Stamppot anyone?!), so Mommy doesn’t have to cook that night. Mommy still makes most of my food, but it’s really helpful to have one less meal to worry about per week for her and Daddy. Plus, she also makes a crock-pot soup so Mommy has lunch for entire week. Score! With feeding me and trying to “kitty meow”, Mommy doesn’t always make time to actually feed herself. Having Ms. A make food has been so so helpful.

If we’re being honest here, which, I’m no Pinocchio, it wasn’t always sunshine and rainbows. Ms. A only comes one day a week and the first few hours of Day 1 were pretty much torture for everyone. I cried and cried because I couldn’t understand why Mommy was trying to give me away to some strange lady. Ms. A would hold me and I reached out for Mommy with my arms spread so wide, but Mommy kissed me and walked back into her office. I screamed and screamed until it was finally nap time. Mommy told me later that she went into her office and sobbed. So much for getting work done. She was too distracted by my cries for help. I think we both thought Ms. A was going to quit on us.

After I woke up from naptime, I was in better spirits. We sang songs, went for a walk, and played fetch with Chowder. Mommy now knows that she really can’t linger in the room while I’m spending time with Ms. A. Of course I’m going to want Mommy over anyone. She’s my MOMMY!

So, here are the steps we followed to find a nanny. We just moved to the area and don’t have family or friends here. We kind of had to throw caution to the wind and start at square one.

1. Check out our community’s facebook page.

It has been a wonderful resource for referrals on everything from a recommended painting company to hair salons. If your community doesn’t have one maybe you should dig a little deeper. There is a really good chance there is one and you just aren’t in the loop. Most of the child care options there for date nights only though, which wasn’t what we were looking for.

2. Mommy step up an account on

I believe the membership was $78 for a 3 month membership. I told Mommy it was worth paying for a membership to find me a reputable babysitter. I’m no Craigslist ad baby!

Mommy searched lots of profiles and talked to a handful of prospective applicants. Lots of Moms with kids looking to watch other kids at the same time. We respect anyone trying to make a living, but that wasn’t really our jam. I’m a unicorn. I need lots of special attention. When Ms. A came over to meet Mommy, Daddy, Chow, and myself, everything felt really natural and just kind of clicked.

(Side note : I always recommend you do your due diligence and check reviews, references, and backgrounds before inviting someone to work in your home. My Uncle J is an FBI agent, and we don’t mess around.)

3. Don't let the "Mom Guilt" get to you.

Moms out there, you need to know it's ok to to ask for or accept help. Your sanity is worth A LOT. If Mommy ain't happy then no ones happy! Or at least that's what Daddy says. 

All in all things are going pretty well. Every day gets better and better as we all get to know each other a little more. So, Mommy, If you're reading this I want you to know it's ok. I'm going to be ok. I know how much you love me, but also have your own hopes, dreams, and goals. I don’t hold it against you for accepting help. We all need help. Look at me, I can’t even wipe my own little butt!

Do you have any tips for finding childcare? Mommy and I surely don't know it all and would LOVE your feedback. We are always learning! Please leave your helpful tip in the comments below. 

Till next week friends!

- Ava Kitten Meow, over and out!