Let's Get Back to Basics


Remember when I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was flying by the seat of my yoga pants? I didn't realize how true this really was until I started my business class with the fabulous, business mentor extraordinaire, Heather Crabtree (side note...if you're a female entrepreneur looking to make a great investment I highly recommend checking out the Savvy Business Circle and the Savvy Community in general). I was constantly designing and designing but not really thinking about why I was trying to build a business or where I intended to take it.

One of the first things we hashed out in the Savvy Business Circle class was brainstorming our mission, vision statement, and core values. At first thought, I didn't have a clear idea at all how these criteria fit the Kitty Meow biz, (probably a huge red flag that I wasn't dreaming big enough). To be honest, I never pictured taking Kitty Meow bigger than lonely ol' me. I can't believe I'm even writing this, but my dreams were never bigger than a glorified hobby really. How boring! Why put so much time into something to not have it truly make an impact?!?! Sorry, but not gonna cut it.

2016 was a life changing year in my personal life (hello Kitten Meow!) and has really changed my perspective on what I want from my business and life in general. Hopefully, one day, my sweet girl will take interest in the biz, and it will be something I can pass down. If not, that's absolutely ok too. My dreams are my own and every person has the right to go after what drives THEM.

So below is what I came up with and really feel strongly about. The HEART of the Meow. I'll break it down for you so you know exactly why each is SO important to me. You can also check it out on my About page (lovely designed elements added by my wonderful right hand woman, Angela).

Mission Statement

To create personality filled paper goods that evoke heartfelt feelings.

The Kitty Meow Vision:

  • To act as the historian of life's exciting moments through paper.
  • Just this past year, Kitty Meow has gone from being a one woman show to a team effort. It's so nice to not be responsible for doing "all of the things". Looking forward to adding more powerhouses to the Kitty Meow team.
  • To be seen as the go-to gal for fun stationery and party planning ideas. Let's brainstorm your next event together! 
  • Establishing a way to share more knowledge with other creatives is so important to me. I have gained so much knowledge from those before me, and I want to pay it forward.
  • One day, SOON, I hope to be an inspirational speaker to encourage other creatives on their journeys.

Core Values

These are the things that are important to me and the focus of my business.


Exceptional Customer Service

I strive to treat all my customers how I would want to be treated...like human beings. Expensive stationery is not a necessity in life people. I'm very aware of that.

Beautiful Typography

I always knew what well designed typography looked like, but it took a long time to be able to execute it. I'm not just throwing letters and numbers on a design willy nilly. I strive for the style and appearance to be on point. 

Design with Personality

Designs should be all about the person they are for! Adding personal touches is so important. 

Do Good

This one goes back to my Delta Gamma roots of serving and helping others. Volunteer work and philanthropy is so important to me. If sharing my talents will help, I'M THERE. 

Sharing Is Caring

I didn't get where I'm at today because someone hoarded all their knowledge. I truly believe in community over competition, and paying it forward. I've had a lot of help along the way and if sharing my experiences helps just one person, then that's totally worth it to me.

Be True to Yourself

Self explanatory.

Just Do It

If you know me personally, I'm the queen of taking risks and making decisions with emotional, reckless abandon. Sometimes it gets me in trouble and other times it's a total win. You don't know unless you try and life's too short not to at least give it a go.

Please & Thank You

My Grandma Hartline used to always say, “It doesn't cost anything to be polite.” Ain't that the truth! I truly love letting others know how much their efforts are appreciated. We are all busy in life. I never want to become too “busy” to show politeness and gratitude.

Be Intentional

Be intentional with your words, actions, and investments. Design with intention. Every typeface, object placement, and color has a thought process behind it.

Do You

Enough said. Forget everyone else. Forget going insane trying to appeal to the masses. Be authentic to who you are and your tribe will follow. 

Are you interested in taking a leap of faith and becoming an entrepreneur? Feel like you're spinning in circles with your business, career or LIFE in general? I highly recommend you take a moment to really dig deep and figure out the WHY behind your actions. Need an emotional support buddy? I would love to be your personal cheerleader and brainstorming buddy. Please reach out to me personally! No one should go it alone. That's lame, lonely, and uninspiring. Don't be Kitty Meow circa 2015.