Crib Talk - Let's Get This Party Started!


Wow! I can’t believe the crazy amount of feedback I got this past week for input on my birthday party theme. If you missed last week's post you can check it out here where I give the different options. Mommy definitely had her heart set on one certain theme, but with the overwhelming response on one particular theme it was a done deal. You can’t ask for everyone’s opinion and then totally go rogue, doing whatever you want right?! Well you can, but Mommy says that’s not very polite.

Soooo drum roll please…

My 1st birthday party extravaganza theme will be...MAGICAL UNICORNS!

Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner! 

Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner! 

A friend commented on my blog that “Uni” means ONE, and while I never thought of it that way it makes perfect sense! Even with all of my anchor loving, Delta Gamma aunties there was still tons of votes for those sweet little unicorns. Hard to resist, huh?! We also got some really great ideas that were out of the box like a bubble party, tea party, under the sea mermaid party, BOWS, and a Game of LIFE themed party (in homage to Daddy and Farmers Insurance). We will definitely keep ALL those ideas in our party planning arsenal for years to come. You should consider them as well for your next kiddo shindig.

Mommy is already starting to design the invite. Yay! I can’t wait until next week to show you what we came up with. Daddy is always really good at giving his creative input as well. I would like to say that Chowdy is helpful, but let’s be honest...Chow sleeps allllll day long. It’s raining here today so he’s especially lazy.

Thank you again so much for your feedback. Can't wait to bring you along on this magical, unicorn adventure with me! If you have more ideas or unicorn inspiration please send them my way. When it comes to fun details more is MORE! Till next week.

Ava Kitten Meow, over and out!