The importance of a simple Thank You!

Hello friends! Whew, it's been a busy week! I've been a traveling gypsy, searching for the perfect new home with Mommy and Daddy in Washington. Today is my Grandpa John's birthday, so shout out to you Grandpa! 

I'm about to send out a thank you card to our friends in WA who let us crash at their crib for the weekend, and thought this was the perfect opportunity to chat about why I love sending thank you cards. Mommy told me that my Great Grandma Hartline used to say "It doesn't cost anything to be polite." (Or at least that's what Grandpa told Mommy). Great Grandma Hartline is right though. Other than a card and a stamp, it doesn't take much to show your appreciation by sending a little snail mail love someone's way. Mommy and Daddy teach me to be grateful for everything we have, and I sure am! 

Mommy adds cards to my "Sweet Ava James Collection" all the time. She can make some for you too! Here's what we're working with so far. 

Before I was born Mommy sent these out on my behalf for baby shower gifts. I was still in the womb and it's kind of hard to write in such a cramped space. Thanks for doing me a solid Mom! Fun fact: Mom and Dad didn't find out my gender, but had a strong "feeling" I was a boy. Mom couldn't believe it when I popped out. Surprise! 

Baby Thank You Card
Baby Shower Thank You Cards

After I was born, the generous gifts kept on coming (I hear little girls are really fun to buy for)! Mommy and I sent out these cards as sweet thank yous. My first official piece of stationery in the Sweet Ava James Collection! Mom took a wild guess and put an elephant on the back. I've never met an elephant in real life, but I think they're pretty cool.

New Baby Stationery
Monogram Stationery

I got baptized in Daddy's hometown of Frankenmuth, MI back in August. We flew all the way from California and family & friends came from near and far to witness my come to Jesus moment. It was a hot and rainy day, but special none the less! I sent out these cards to thank everyone for joining in the celebration. The little lamb on the back is so fitting because Mommy and Daddy call me their little lamb, or Lambo for short ;) 

Thank You Card

This card in my collection is one of my favs because I force Mommy to REALLY personalize them for me, which makes them extra fun to send! This one is going to our friends, the Henle family, who welcomed us with open arms while house hunting in WA. Beulah, their sweet little Frenchie, kept trying to give me puppy licks when I was rolling around on the ground. Thanks Henle family! Missing you already.

Personalized Thank You Card

So that's the Sweet Ava James Collection in a nutshell. Mommy can make any of these cards for you too. "Insert Your Name Here" Collection! You can purchase them in the Kitty Meow Shop or on Etsy. Remember, feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it. That would be really lame to keep wrapped presents around the house! Surely sending a handwritten note isn't the only way to let people know you care. Would love to hear the other ways YOU love showing your appreciation. Til next week friends. Kitten Meow, over and out!