Crib Talk - Traveling with Baby (Me!)

Hello world! It's been a little quiet on the Kitten Meow front because I've been busy jet setting with Mommy. We were in Chicago last week, cheering on Auntie Lauren while she ran the Chicago Marathon, and then Grandpa flew back to California with us. Mommy always needs a little time to regroup and get reorganized once we get back. So here we go!

Taken by the nice man sitting next to us on our flight to Chicago. 

Taken by the nice man sitting next to us on our flight to Chicago. 

This past trip marks my 4th roundtrip airplane ride in my 7 months of existence. That's 8 airplane rides total! From our home base in California, I've been to Illinois (twice), Michigan, and Washington. I don't want to brag or anything, but Mommy and I have become quite the expert travelers, and we have it down to a science. Don't let me fool you's not all rainbows and kittens traveling with my wiggly, cranky self. 

Here are our 10 Quick Tips for SURVIVING while traveling with little babes. Please note, I'm 7 months old and NOT a medical professional. This is simply what works for us. Consult with your physician before traveling with your baby. Our doctor gave us her seal of approval early on. 

1. Get Organized

Mommy makes a list ahead of time to make sure we don't forget anything, since lots of things can't get packed until I wake up or right before we leave. Milky pump...check! Sound machine...check! Burrito Sleepsack...check! check! I have my own little suitcase, and it works out well to have all my jazz in one place. 

2. Baby Wear

Rockin' the Boba Carrier!

Rockin' the Boba Carrier!

There's nothing that calms me more than being snuggled in really close to Mommy. She use to put me in a Moby wrap until I got bigger, and now she carries me in a Boba 4G Carrier. I'm happy and secure, and Mommy can use her hands for a million other things.  Bonus, Mommy and I can go through the metal detector with me still strapped on. 

3. Bring Food

Little lambs get hungry! Even if we aren't REALLY hungry we like to eat for comfort anyway. If you're brave and feel comfortable nursing in public in small spaces, then no prep work required. If you are going to do this make sure you wear something easy to nurse in.  My mommy has done that a few times, but it's not really her jam...especially when she's traveling with me alone. Some airports have nursing rooms, so if we have time we'll stop in there for a diaper change and a little snack. Normally, Mommy packs about 3 bottles full of milk. It's a long day of travel! I'm too young to attempt eating solids in small spaces, so I think I'm doing everyone around me a favor by avoiding that. It doesn't really affect me personally, but they do say it helps our little ears with the change in air pressure if you eat while taking off. 

4. Car Seat 

Traveling in style with my friends Pollo Loco and Affey the Giraffey. 

Traveling in style with my friends Pollo Loco and Affey the Giraffey. 

If you are traveling somewhere where you can have someone pick you up with a car seat already installed you are golden! Stop reading right now and move on to the next tip. If you don't live in that fantasy world, continue on! We rent cars on most of our travels and don't exactly trust the car seat we might get if we requested one. Not to mention they can cost up to $15 a day! That can get expensive real quick. Mommy takes my car seat with us and checks it at the gate. You could check it with your luggage, but who knows how they will treat my beloved Peg Perego! She puts it in this fancy car seat bag (J.L. Childress Padded Car Seat Travel Bag), and places it on top of this Baby Trend Universal Stroller. Not gonna lie...the Snap-N-Go is no great shake. It has HORRIBLE steering. But it gets the job done and for right now it works. Practice installing that puppy ahead of time. Last thing you want is to be struggling to install a car seat in an unknown land, resulting in a frustrated and tired Mommy and baby! 

5. Bring Extras

Brings extra diapers (lots of these!), wipes, binkies, a change of clothes, burp cloths, the whole shebang. You might not think you need it, but WHEN YOU DO you'll be glad you did. 

6. Get an Aisle Seat

Selfie on the plane with Grandpa by our side! 

Selfie on the plane with Grandpa by our side! 

Babies under 2 get to fly for free if they are on your lap. Yayyy!  Some people might argue this isn't safe, but only you can make that decision for your family. I'm pretty sure I won't make it to 2 years old before Mommy starts buying me my own seat, but for right now we are taking advantage. If you can, grab an aisle seat. You'll have more elbow room and the freedom to get up and down for trips to the bathroom for diaper changes. If you end up in a middle seat...good luck to you. Stand your ground and take BOTH elbow rests. You have a baby on your lap after all! 

7. Swaddle, Shake, & Ssshh!

Ever hear of the Happiest Baby on the Block? I can't read yet, but Mommy swears by this book. We use the 5 S's religiously. When I'm getting cranky, Mommy will swaddle me up in a muslin blanket burrito, side position, with a little Harlem Shake action, while doing a little shushing in my ear. 99% of the time, this works every time. 

8. Breathe...

This too shall pass. Even if baby is acting "less than desirable", you'll both get through it. Promise.

9. Don't Apologize! 

Have you ever read about Mommy's bringing treats for the people around them on airplanes? Doesn't that sound....RIDICULOUS?! My Mommy used to be that person that was totally annoyed by every screaming child around her on airplanes. Now that I'm hanging around, Mommy has a little more compassion for people with babies. Most people have headphones. Get over yourselves. No matter how annoyed my airplane neighbor might be at me crying, I promise you my Mommy is a MILLION times more mortified. On one of my very first trips, I was crying my little head off for over an hour and Mommy kept apologizing to everyone around her. A very nice man in the seat next to us told her to "stop apologizing". Some things are just out of your control (like my baby behavior), and that's life! 

10. Accept Kindness

Sometimes you just have to stretch it out!

Sometimes you just have to stretch it out!

Mommy is always totally amazed at the kindness of people when she is traveling alone with me. Accept help from others, be grateful for their kindness, and pay it forward. 

Do you have any other tips and tricks for traveling with little ones? I would love to hear it and pass the info on to Mommy! She knows the older I get the less manageable I'll become in small spaces. Tune in next week where I'll give a play by play of my monthly photo shoots! Today is my 7 month birthday, so Mommy is putting it together as we speak!