About Kitty Meow

Greetings! Catherine here, informally Cat, the creative “mastermind” behind Kitty Meow: A Creative Boutique. I’m a mommy to two BEAUTIFUL little girls & furry boy, wife to an amazingly supportive husband, anchor loving philanthropist, and heartfelt stationery designer for all occasions. I strive to inspire, to BE inspired, and to bring a little more excitement to the world through beautiful design.


The Kitty Meow Vision:

  • To act as the historian of life's exciting moments through paper.
  • Just this past year, Kitty Meow has gone from being a one woman show to a team effort. It's so nice to not be responsible for doing "all of the things". Looking forward to adding more powerhouses to the Kitty Meow team.
  • I want to be seen as the go-to gal for fun stationery and party planning ideas. Let's brainstorm your next event together! 
  • Establishing a way to share more knowledge with other creatives is so important to me. I have gained so much knowledge from those before me and I want to pay it forward.
  • One day, SOON, I hope to be an inspirational speaker to encourage other creatives on their journeys.

Have you ever been at a wedding or a birthday party and been totally blown away with the overwhelming number of thoughtful details put together by the host/hostess? Yes? Read on, friend!

Those details were thought of and brought to fruition with a whole lotta TLC, tender loving care. No doubt these little details take time and $$ to put together, but what an awesome feeling when all your guests share their praises. It’s not about doing things to get noticed…it’s about making your guests feel loved, valued, and appreciated. It’s about creating an experience. A little love can go a really long way!
Here at Kitty Meow: A Creative Boutique, we truly care about our clients, and want to help you create a “Kitty Meow” kind of experience. An experience based around love and thoughtfulness! Maybe great design, fancy paper, and beautiful ribbon are important to you, but you simply don’t have the time, creativeness, or wherewithal to bring it to life. You’re in luck! Kitty Meow has all the time in the world & skills to help steer you in the right direction.
What are you waiting for? Lets start working on some fabulous & thoughtful design and details right NOW. The world can never have enough love!


"Catherine hits the proverbial ball out of the park with every creation.  She takes each new idea and encourages the customer to let their personality and vision shine. It doesn’t matter if it is an invitation that will land in hundreds of mailboxes, a logo for a local non-for-profit, or personal stationery, every design this gal mails out makes the customer feel like they are opening presents on Christmas morning. Her designs have literally brought tears to my eyes and the biggest smiles to my loved ones’ faces. I would never go anywhere else."  Shannon K. 

"Cat went out of her way to be helpful and accommodating. The quality of the product is impeccable. I would highly recommend this boutique."  Robin Janice

"Such a beautiful custom order! Cat is very creative and made my personalized lyrics look so great. All the write words really pop out! Speedy turnaround and quick delivery!"  Jackie

"Cat does a wonderful job customizing the cards to fit my wedding needs! Truly great designer to work with and she stays in constant communication along the way!"  Alexandra Hybki

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