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Life is more beautiful with a little Kitty Meow!

Because sometimes you feel a lil' saucy...and sometimes ya don't! 

It's my mission to bring you beautifully designed, personality filled paper goods for your many moods.

Have you ever attended a wedding or a birthday party and been totally blown away with the overwhelming number of thoughtful details put together by the hostess? Did you walk away thinking “Wow! That was totally _____! “(Enter that charming hostess friend of yours name here).  Do YOU strive to be the hostess with the mostess too?! Yes?

Well read on, soul sista! 

Kitty Meow offers personality filled paper goods that will either pull on the heart strings or make you burst into laughter, followed by a good ol' eye roll. My commitment to you is to make your next event one people will be talking about well after the confetti is swept up. Those details were dreamed up and brought to fruition with a whole lotta T.L.C. No doubt these little details take resources to put together, but what a fantastic feeling when all your guests share their praises. It’s not about doing things to get noticed (while that’s nice too)…it’s about making your guests feel LOVED, valued, and appreciated. It’s about creating an experience that is a reflection of YOUR unique style. 

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kitty meow believes in exceptional service beautiful typography design with personality doing good sharing is caring being true to yourself just doing it please & thank you being intentional

Here at Kitty Meow: A Creative Boutique, I truly care about the people I work with, and want to help you create a memorable “Kitty Meow” kind of experience.

An experience based around sweet details, but sometimes really funny and off the cuff ones! It’s all about your personality, my friend! Maybe all of this is important to you, but you simply don’t have the time, creativeness, or wherewithal to bring it to life. Don’t fret, this stationery stuff is MY JAM. I’ve devoted my career to help bring your vision to life, and pass on “all the feels” to your friends and family. (Not like THAT...wink! wink!) It’s seriously the kind of stuff that keeps me up and night and eager to wake up and start my day.

My commitment to you is to make your next event one people will be talking about well after the confetti is swept up through personality filled paper goods.

While you won’t be my only customer and any given time (gosh I hope not!), I promise to make you feel like my Number 1 and long lost friend. Customer Service is incredibly important to me and unfortunately I feel like it’s a dying industry. NOT HERE. I’ve been on a personal journey with all of my long time clients. From their wedding day, baby showers, the birth of their babes, their sweet kiddos 1st birthday party, and so on. I’ve been blessed enough to “walk beside them” and document some of the biggest and most exciting milestones of their lives. I would be so honored if you were to allow me to go on that journey with you as well! I promise I'm a super fun wingwoman and sidekick.



So who is this “Kitty Meow”?

Well hello! That’s me, Catherine.

I’m a mommy to two BEAUTIFUL little ladies and furry gentleman, wife to an amazingly supportive husband, anchor loving philanthropist, and designer of paper goods with saucy charm or sweet sentiments.

The name Kitty Meow came from a silly AOL Instant Messenger screen name back in my college days. I then used the name Kitty Meow during a packaging project for one of my design classes. (Northern Illinois University - woot! woot!)  I had created a collection of boxes for fancy watches and I named the company Kitty Meow. I really feel in love with the juxtaposition of it all. Fancy box...silly name. A sort of pleasant surprise. I told myself if I were ever to have my own company one day I would call it Kitty Meow.

So here we are! The Kitty Meow brand continues on with that same dichotomy of silliness mixed with beautiful typography and design. If you know me personally, that is me to a T. Sometimes my humor can be a little sarcastic and witty, but other times I’m incredibly sweet and charming!

Here you can make a choice of what to shop for based on your mood.

Feeling a little sarcastic and looking for something more witty? Perfect! I got you. Like to keep it classic with sweet sentiments? I got you too, girlfriend! Because sometimes you feel a little saucy and sometimes ya don’t! And if you’re anything like like to switch it up.


Not sure what the heck your stationery style is?

Let’s figure it out together.

are you a fellow creative?

Establishing a way to share more knowledge with other creatives is truly important to me.

I have gained so much knowledge from those before me and I want to pay it forward. My DREAM BIG goal is to get out from behind the computer screen and start inspiring others face to face. This whole trying to run your own business thing really is a journey. No one should feel like they are going at it alone. Check out my education page on how to connect with me in this way.

Have a question? Shoot me a note. I’d love to chat it up with a fellow paper lover.