A Royal Birthday Bash - Petra's 1st Birthday Party

There's a lot of talk of unicorns and rainbows around the Crib, but I want you to know that Mommy is capable of pretty much anything! (But aren't we all?!) I'm so excited to share with you some beautiful photos of my friend Petra's 1st birthday party. Petra is three years my senior.  When Mommy created stationery for her first birthday three years ago

Crib Talk - It's A Unicorn Invasion!

It's been a unicorn LOVE FEST in the crib these days. Mommy got these new unicorn jammies and they are totally my flavor of the week. Great Auntie Lou Lou sent me a rocking unicorn horse this weekend, and Daddy's been showing me how to ride it like a big girl! I can hold onto the handles all by myself.

#TuesdayTips: A Color Story and Why I LOVE

I'm totally an early bird. There many morning I wake up super early and start a scrolling frenzy on my phone. I'm not bragging. It's kind of a problem. Just ask my husband who has to shield off my bright phone screen from his sleepy eyes. I told myself if I was being productive THEN it was justified.